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If you are an investor in the real estate industry you will always find so many millions posted on the net. You may be interested as an investor in the industry to get all the details with regards to these properties.
  • The listing status of the properties
  • The photos of the properties
  • The realtor contact information and much more.
About the creator of the system
The creator of the system is called Kosta Apostolou who is a real estate investor from Canada, Toronto.
What is BirdDogBot?
The BirdDogBot is software designed to help real estate investors find real estate deals much faster. What BirdDogBot helps you out with is to monitor for you and track listings over time, market price, rental income, etc. In short BirdDogbot helps you to know exactly what changed and precisely by how much.
  • Searching for available properties on several property listing sites
  • You also have the option of creating and selecting the kinds of websites that you will use to find properties and those to leave out
  • You have the option to search by any combination of city, state, zip, bedrooms, price ranges, and bathrooms
  • By simply just defining your custom dealing criteria, the system will return the properties that you want leave out those properties that you don’t need to waste your time on.
real estate photo
The official website of the product  its writer is called Posta Apostolou. The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee that you can test for up to 60 days. Users have the advantage of requesting for a full refund which they will get if they feel that the product did not offer them the information they were seeking.
What does Bird Dog Bot lets you do?
  • With Bird Dog Bot you can search for properties on multiple listing sites; you will be able to choose which sites that you can use to search for properties and the sites to exclude. You don’t have to waste your time on deals that are not of your interest.
  • You will be able to customize your search criteria; you can search for properties by any combination of city, state, zip code, county, price ranges, bedrooms and bathrooms. With this feature you have the capability of adding your own deals to the BirdDogBot system and it will automatically analyze the market value of your property market plus all the rental income estimates. It will find the numbers by itself and do the math for you!
  • Bird Dog Bot lets you create what is called multiple search projects; you can run searches in different areas or you can alternatively run searches with different deal settings from just a single click. This feature is however available for the pro version only.
  • BirdDogBot pre-configured and customizable analysis settings; it comes with pre-installed default settings to allow you get started instantly. When you will be using it to search for deals for you it will not forget your settings so that you get to save time by not having to constantly enter similar information again and again.
  • The schedule and run searches automatically feature is a feature of BirdDogBot that will work for you by running for you your searches, analyze the properties and then send you an email with the results.
  • You have the possibility of sharing deals with other investors. This one you can do by showing the deals you wish to share in your private BirdDogBot with other investors without necessarily giving out your BirdDogBot password. You can share these deals via direct links, your social media sites or you could alternatively embed them on your site.
  • BirdDogBot features a secure access to users private deal data. All deals of BirdDogBot users are always kept confidential from other BirdDogbot users. Users have the option of hiding certain details about some properties they wouldn’t like to be stolen from them.
  • You can build buyers list; you have the option of building an enormous list of purchasers by using BirdDogBot optional lead capture form when you are sharing your deals.
  • You can access your BirdDogBot account anywhere thanks to the system’s mobile friendly web interface.
The extra important features of BirdDogBot system
  • BirdDogBot lets you track listings of property with much accuracy.
  • Statistics such as property facts plus estimates, photos, details about listings and several others are displayed on a single easy-read and easy-to-follow page modified for every property.
  • BirdDogbot system features a detailed property listing monitoring. With this feature you will be able to track and monitor things like the asking price of the property, rental income, market value, or any other important information. The system is able to inform you about the most recent changes.
  • The system lets you virtually visit the area without actually leaving your home. Each of the properties has a one-click to Google, Bing, and Yahoo maps. This feature makes it possible for you to street view to visit your properties virtually.
  • With BirdDogBot your data is instantly synchronized across all the devices that you are using!
real estate photo
Photo by sherwoodrealestate 
The exciting features of the BirdDogBot system
  • The system comes with multiple computer licenses meaning once it has been purchased it can be installed on different PCs or laptops.
  • The system has got video tutorials which are meant to teach users about how they can use its numerous features.
  • The system has got new feature updates and users have the advantage of accessing these new features freely meaning they can download these new updates to ensure they are using the latest version of the system.
  • The BirdDogBot system has got a customer care and technical support that is friendly and convenient. The customer support is always available 24 a day seven days of the week.
Here are BirdDogBot system requirements
For PC users
If you are going to use BirdDogbot system on a PC powered by Microsoft windows then it should be running windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.
Note: the system will run on a MAC system when using windows emulator such as parallel desktop for MAC but the creator of BirdDogBot says that they cannot guarantee you technical support for MAC related issues.
BirdDogBot Requirements for PC
The PC you are going to use with the system must be installed with at least 1GB RAM, 20MB free disk space and your internet connection should be fast too.
About active subscription
The BirdDogBot must be subscribed to for you to get to enjoy its full features.
Who can use the system?
The system was designed to be used by anyone keen on investing on the net. You do not need to have any specialized training to use the system. You also have the advantage of being taught by very system on how you can use it to make money via its numerous video tutorials. You don’t have to worry about being a novice in using computer based systems after installing the BirdDogBot software on your PC because it is very easy to use and understand.
How much money do I need to have to invest in the industry when using the system?
After acquiring the system you actually do not need any substantial amount of cash to start of the business. With the little money you have you could still make money from real estate deals with BirdDogBot system.

real estate photo
What will BirdDogBot will offer you in a nutshell?
  • With the system you have the advantage of virtually visiting properties without going there in person thereby saving you time, cost of having to travel there yourself and also you avoid the hassles that come with moving about.
  • With the system you will have the opportunity to find the latest property deals put up by some other investors in the industry.
  • You will be able to make money from the comforts of your home without having to move from location to the other.
  • You can engage with other BirdDogbot users and do business with them thereby being able to know more about the markets and also get to save time as well.
If you are in the real estate business then consider purchasing this great software to help you close on real estate deals. The system is affordable and will do for you great work thereby giving you a chance to even expand your real estate business.
Bird Dog Bot Review: The Truth Revealed!
Bird Dog Bot
You could take advantage of the system creator money back guarantee to try out the product to see how it could help you out. If you are impressed with the product then you will continue with your real estate success and also if you feel the product did not impress you can simply request for a refund.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Easy VSL Review!

EASY VSL 2.0 LET Me get you inside it

Easy VSL 2.0 is a software that is designed to let anyone quickly create video sales letters. Easy VSL 2.0 created by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen (two online marketers known for their success and good products reputation). The software work for both Mac and PC, It allows you to create video sales letter (VSLs) easier and faster without having to waste alot of your time or paying alot of money for someone to create video sales letters for you.
In just 9 Months, Easy VSL 2.0 has become The #1 Video Sales Letter (VSL) Creator and Sales Converting Video Software Online! It’s the secret to creating your high-converting VSL in less than 5 minutes… without Powerpoint, Keynote, or expensive video software!
Did you know that a whopping 92% of the top 50 Clickbank products are using Video Sales Letters? All of them generating thousands of dollars in revenue each day (and have been for years) : Weight Loss, Personal, Development, Internet Marketing, Financial/Investment, Offline/Local, Home & Garden…
You name an industry – the products that are consistently delivering the highest conversions, have one thing in common…they are all using VIDEO SALES LETTERS. Now you can create your own VSL 2.0 in literally 5-10 minutes that can deliver 3-5x boosts in conversions OVERNIGHT.
Easy VSL 2.0 is very simple, easy-to-use software that doesn’t require any previous video editing experience, with Easy VSL 2.0 not only you will be able to create VSLs fast but you can also create other kinds of videos like i’m about to show you on this page. Let me explain more about why use Easy VSL 2.0 or what’s special about this software!
What Are You Waiting for ?
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Obviously, VSLs are the way to go. NOW, Easy VSL 2.0 is every bit as user-friendly and feature-rich…which is every bit of what I expected from a guy who’s as committed to quality and innovation as Matt. I can’t wait to get to back to work on our next VSL project!
Easy To Use


Demo Video : Don’t settle for the small video! Click the fullscreen button and Watch in HD
What Are You Waiting for ?
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Built-In Audio Recording

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Enhanced NEW Transitions, Animations, & Effects

Speech to text video creation

Automatically Translate Entire Videos into ANY Language

1-Click Video Syndication

Automatic slide creation

Custom slide background themes

Dozens of Custom Fonts

Insert previously created video into the beginning, middle, or end of your VSL

Produce Videos in High Quality MP4 format for Fast Streaming

Quick Key Shortcuts

Export Slides to PDF Presentation

What Are You Waiting for ?
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If you are a lot like me…You don’t want to have to pay hundreds or thousands on a professional to create high-converting videos. You don’t want to spend all day messing around with complicated software. You don’t want to waste time and energy creating videos that don’t generate leads and sales.
Easy VSL 2.0 , the video sales letter (VSL) software that 30k marketers ACTUALLY USE…just got even better!
No Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro that takes documentation the size of a dictionary to learn. Its just… Paste Copy. Choose Design. Sync Audio. Export. Done!
Easy VSL 2.0 banner
On top of the core features 30k marketers have been using already like…
  • Built-In Engaging Design Templates : The beautifully-made, engaging background themes will help boost your viewer’s experience. Dozens are already pre-built into Easy VSL 2.0
  • Drag & Drop Editor : Add text, images, animations, and more with easy-to-use Drag and Drop video builder.
  • Sync Audio in Seconds : Using revolutionary Audio Sync functionality, ensure that your audio matches up perfectly with your slide transitions and animations.
  • Quick Import of Audio Files : One-Click Import allows you to quickly generate your video with professional quality audio.
  • “Tick” Multiple Slide Transition Variations : Increase the effectiveness and perfect your video with customized Slide Transitions.
  • Video Produced for Easy Upload into Your Video Player or YouTube (mp4 format) : Seemlessly upload your video to YouTube, with one-click from directly inside Easy VSL 2.0 . Or use your favorite video player. Works with ALL embeddable video players!
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Easy VSL 2.0 bonus 6Easy VSL 2.0 bonusEasy VSL 2.0 bonus 5Easy VSL 2.0 bonus 4Easy VSL 2.0 bonus 3Easy VSL 2.0 bonus 2
What Are You Waiting for ?
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